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Team experience



The human capital is the main driver of growth of any organization, so the main goal of the Team Experience is to increase the performance of their professional and thereby increase the benefits.

Both aspects make a relation of cause and effect where, the more capable and committed the people in the organization are, the bigger and better the results and benefits that can be obtained.

To bet on activities with a high potential motivation as Team Experience, will grow the synergies between team members, helping them to fight against the monotony and lack of motivation at work, and turned the team into active and dynamic agents capable of adapting to any situation and reacting together in order to achieve a common goal. 


  • Achieve the maximum collaboration among the workers.
  • Improve the interpersonal communication.
  • Enhance the cohesion among the team members.
  • Resolve conflicts or setbacks quickly.
  • Increase motivation.
  • Promote the respect between colleagues.
  • Enhance the sense of belonging and commitment with the organization.
  • Identify the role of each participant in the team.
  • Travelling from the individual thought to the team thought.


  • What is a team work? Definition and characteristics.
  • Team work vs. group work.
  • How to build a good team.
  • Why do the team works fail
  • Role of the leader in work teams.
  • Let’s practice!



The Experience Team activity develops in outdoor environments, which it makes it very strategic to move the worker from his usual workspace thus promoting the opportunity to act differently, to interact in a more relaxed manner and express their own abilities.

The knowledge only becomes learning when there is an experience that reinforces it. Therefore our Experience Team program is designed in two stages: conceptual stage vs. experiential stage, to ensure the maximum learning and impact on the participants. In the conceptual stage the participant is sensitized with the real meaning of teamwork, distinguishing it from the group work and highlighting their main characteristics and functioning. In the experiential stage the participant must implement what they learn through Paddle Surf playful activities in the water, through which the team must get the different challenges that will be proposed.



At our facilities, we have an area equipped for the conceptual stage development, with all the necessary resources (projector, screen, whiteboard …) and with capacity for groups. In addition, from Sitges Sup we offer two ideal environments for the experiential stage development: ·Beach: the activity would develop in an environment related with the sea and the sand. · Mountain: in this case the activity is carried out on a lake or swamp.


The duration of The Experience Team program is estimated in 4 hours for the conceptual phase and in 3 hours for the experiential phase, in total 7 teaching hours.


Do you want to motivate your team with the Team experience? Book now and we will plan the most suitable activity for your company.