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SUP benefits


The Sup provides great healthy benefits. Thanks to the position we should adopt and the movements we must do to move, is especially beneficial to strengthen and to tone up the body. The mechanics of SUP offers a combination of the movement of the legs and hips together with the movement of the trunk, and finally expressed through arms.

The Sup presents two important characteristics that have effect at physical level:


It is a sport that is played on a surfboard which is in constant motion since it is on the water and can be influenced by waves, currents and wind. In other words, it is practiced on an unstable surface.


The surfboard requires propulsion with a lever (paddle), with repetitive motions that generates an applied force on the water and that is why is so necessary to keep the balance.



If we study the mechanics of SUP we can notice that the most efficient paddling technique occurs when the motion of the paddle comes from the combination of the movement of the legs and hips together with the movement of the trunk. A common mistake at the beginning of the practice of SUP is paddling with the arms, this produces early tiredness of the arms.  The control of a good technique allows, with each paddling, the use of the muscles of the lower limb connecting with the muscles of the upper limbs through the trunk. In other words, we practically use all body muscles in an activity that involves force generation and maintenance of balance, both at the same time.

Considering this, in addition to the psychological and emotional benefits involving disconnection and mental relaxation, also gives us the following benefits at physical level:

  • All body muscles are used.
  • Muscle strength and postural muscles are stimulated.
  • Balance development.
  • Problems with hips, knees, ankles, upper, middle and low back, and future complications such as vertebral disc prolapse can be avoided through proper stimulation of postural muscles.
  • High calorie consumption due to the continuous physical activity
  • The aerobic capacity and the muscle strength are stimulated.
  • The explosive capacity and the muscle force generation can be also stimulated.
  • We can get a more symmetrical body.
  • Improves balance and body stability.